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  Everyone wants to learn how to drive! In fact, since we live in Texas we have to learn how to drive. Our state does not have mass transit or enough bus lines to get us to where we need to go. You need to drive for pleasure, work, school, or to get a sick relative to the doctor. Whatever the reason, most people choose a professional driving school to help them get their license. For a time, lots of young people had driver's ed in school, but many of those "extra" programs got tossed out with budget cuts. Sure you can take short cuts to try and save money but the costs of a speeding ticket or an accident is WAY MORE expensive than Drivers Ed. So why not invest in your future and enroll at Alvin Street-Wise Driving School?

  Learn It Right The First Time when you are taught to drive! Those first lessons will always stay with you. This is the main reason when you learn something, you should make sure you are learning to do it correctly. If you learn it right, you will know all the basics and they will guide you. If someone in your family is going to teach you to drive, you should consider a couple things. Do you listen to everything that person tells you to do? Are you very comfortable with that person? Do you think that person is always right? If not, they should not teach you how to drive. If you don't listen to them now, you will not listen to them when they are your driving instructor.

  It sounds like a good way to save some money, but to get the most out of your lessons it's best that you learn at a driving school. It's becoming an American standard that teenagers learn to drive from a licensed driving school. Pearland Driving School provides our students with teachers who are qualified to teach you the rules and regulations of the road. Our trained driving instructors will teach you to drive safely and correctly. Your family members will most likely tell you all the short cuts they take while driving. Not a good idea. When you drive a vehicle that weighs tons and you make a mistake, you are putting yourself and others in danger. Everyone in the car with you, and people in others cars could get hurt if you make even a small mistake.

  Once you know how to drive, using the correct skills taught to you by a driving instructor, you will be able to form your own style of driving, one that includes all the elements you learned from us and those you have acquired through practice. Another advantage of learning to drive from Pearland Driving School is that you can save yourself and your family up to 15% each month on your insurance costs. (this would pay for drivers ed)

  Insurance companies trust that professional driving instructors will teach you the correct way to drive, and all the rules and regulations that go along with driving a car. These savings are important to you because today car insurance rates are higher than ever. An added benefit to taking our program is that we will help you to prepare to take your written driving test to get your Permit. After a few driving lessons with a professional driving instructor you will begin to notice the confidence you have about your driving ability, and when it comes to test taking you won't be any where as nervous as you would have been had you studied on your own.

  Maybe,driving instruction can seem expensive, but for every penny you spend, you will be paid back in full by learning the proper way to maneuver a car, by learning the rules and regulations of driving (you don't want tickets and accidents) and vehicle use. Confidence in knowing that you have been taught the proper skills necessary to drive on today's highways. You will be paid back by the safe way you drive: protecting yourself, your passengers and your fellow drivers on the roadway.

Enroll in one of our upcoming classes
and be on your way to freedom and independence.

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